Sports nutrition

What is sports nutrition?

Sports and performance nutrition is functional nutrition, composed on the basis of scientific research, to promote sports performance. Sports nutrition is very efficient food for rapid absorption in the body, rich in carbohydrates and/or proteins and low in fat.

Why is it smart to use sports nutrition?

Sports nutrition is a supplement to a healthy diet and can be used just before, during or after exercise. Using the proper sports nutrition is important for your metabolism (energy) and building and maintaining muscle.

Good nutrition contributes to a healthy and strong body. Certainly if you are serious about sports. For best results, optimize your diet. By using the right sports nutrition you can bring more balance into your diet. Sports nutrition contains extra protein and carbohydrates. It has almost no fat and provides additional vitamins and minerals. Sports nutrition has been developed to supplement essential nutrients before, during and after exercise. Sufficient fluids and nutrients contribute to the combustion (=energy balance) and the building and recovery of muscle tissue (=strength).

When to use sports nutrition?

We recommend to use sports nutrition if you exercise actively for more than 60 minutes. It is important to take in sufficient energy and moisture prior to exercising. During exercise, you must replenish carbohydrates, fluids and minerals. Take a good sports drink. Deficiency can affect your performance. After strenuous exercise, proteins in combination with carbohydrates support a quick and good recovery.

Which carbs are best?

Carbohydrates, especially sugar, are in a negative light. Yet your body cannot function without sugar. Sugar is essential for your combustion and your brain. Carbohydrates are the most important energy source for athletes. Scientifically, the combination of maltodextrin and fructose in the ratio 2:1 is seen as the most optimal. Read more about carbohydrates here.

When and what should I drink?

Drinking is really important because:

  • Moisture keeps your body at the right temperature and dissipates heat.
  • Fluids are important for optimal combustion and concentration.
  • Drinking supports perspiring, which is important for blood pressure and circulation.
  • Sufficient moisture, carbohydrates and minerals are a strong basis for optimal energy and fit muscles.

A good sports drink supplies carbohydrates and minerals. Drink 750 ml per hour. Drink a long sip every 10 minutes. No small sips, because your digestion will not start properly We recommend a hypotonic sports drink instead of an isotonic sports drink. It contains less sugar, more minerals and is gentle on the stomach.

How much sports nutrition should I use?

An athlete who wants to perform to the maximum must maximize his energy supply and power. This means plenty of carbohydrates and protein before, during and after exercise. The basis of sports nutrition is a good sports drink. This can be supplemented with additional power in the form of energy bars or energy gels! The rule of thumb is that you should try to take approximately 60-90 grams of carbohydrates per 60 minutes.

The right amount of proteins

Extra proteins are important for more power. You mainly use proteins before and after exercise. In training periods, it is important to supplement your daily diet with extra protein. You need about 20 grams of protein every 2-3 hours for muscle mass maintenance and other bodily functions. In practical terms, you should take protein every 2 to 3 hours or every meal should contain protein. Read more about proteins here and view our protein range.

Standard Sports Nutrition Schedule

Before: 500ml Maxim Sports Drink + 1 Maxim Energy Bar

During: 750 ml Maxim Sports Drink + 1 Maxim Energy Bar per hour.
During long competitions, training sessions or tours your muscles demand, in addition to carbohydrates, extra protein to support the transport of energy to your muscles and muscle recovery. An energy bar is the ideal addition to a sports drink. Take Maxim Energy Bar Oats Almonds & Salty Nuts for example. This bar contains no less than 7.8% protein!

Final: 1 to 3 Maxim Energy gels or Maxim Energy Gel Drinks
In the last hour you can suffice with less food and drink and switch to Energy Gels. These are easy to take and provide an energy boost.

After: 500 ml Maxim Sports Drink + 1 Maxim Protein Bar
Proteins and carbohydrates are important for the recovery of muscle tissue and glycogen in your muscles. If you want to recover well, you need to rehydrate. Drink at least 0,5 liter sports drink after exercise. Combine this with a Maxim Protein Bar.

For additional advice: use the Maxim Training Circle.

Your body needs water/fluid to be able to store carbohydrates in the muscles as glycogen. So always drink a sip of water or sports drink after eating an energy bar or energy gel. 

Tips from the sports nutrition expert

Protein is not just for bodybuilders!

It is often associated with strength sports, but it is also an important nutrient for endurance athletes. Proteins are important for all bodily processes related to energy and recovery, fat burning and brain functions. Muscles become damaged and fatigued after heavy or long training sessions. Proteins support the recovery and building of muscle fibers. Make sure you eat enough protein every day! You need about 20 grams of protein every 2-3 hours for maintenance of muscle mass and other bodily functions. Practically speaking, you should take proteins every 2-3 hours. So try to make your snacks high in protein.

Dietary fiber and sports

Fruit is healthy, we all know that! It is packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber, among other things. What about those fibers now? Among other things, fiber stimulates a good intestinal function, which is important for the digestion process. So it is important to eat enough fiber throughout the day. They are found in vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Fruit fibers are easily digestible and fit well in a sports meal.

White bread or whole grain?

We advise not to eat whole grain products or fiber-rich products before and during exercise. Whole wheat contains a lot of insoluble fiber, which is not pleasant during exercise. They slow digestion so you will not get enough energy. Preferably take white bread or an energy bar and avoid whole grain products just before and during exercise.

Make a sports nutrition plan

Use the Maxim Training Circle to get the most out of yourself.

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