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Energy Bars

Energy Bars for an Ideal Boost

A long training session, competition, or tour requires a lot from your body. Sufficient fuel is essential to successfully complete the athletic challenge. To get the right nutrition, our tasty energy bars are the solution. A sports gel or a simple snack mainly consists of sugars, but with an energy bar, you get the much-needed carbohydrates. Our energy bars are primarily made from natural ingredients such as oats and dried fruit, which are the main sources of immediate and long-lasting energy. Thanks to the supply of carbohydrates, your blood sugar level remains stable, and your energy remains steady over a longer period. Additionally, the energy bars provide pleasant satiation, and since you no longer feel hungry, you can focus 100% on your sports performance. The energy bars also contain proteins and extra vitamins to support your digestion, metabolism, and muscle function. An energy bar is an indispensable boost for cycling and running.

Tasty Energy Bars

With our tasty energy bars, you get the ideal boost. The energy bars are easy to eat, non-sticky, and easily digestible. The success of Maxim is mainly due to the fact that the energy bars are genuinely delicious and easy to eat. The bars are non-sticky and easily digestible, providing an ideal boost before your workout and during sports. Maxim’s energy bars are an excellent alternative to unhealthy candy bars due to their lower fat and higher carbohydrate content. We offer a large and diverse range of sports bars with six different flavors. Our energy bars are hailed by friend and foe as the best and tastiest energy bars. From running to cycling, an energy bar gives you the ideal boost to keep your energy levels up. Pure energy from your back pocket.

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