About Maxim

Maxim Sports Nutrition has developed an extensive range of unique products based on scientific research and developments. Every day Maxim is busy optimizing her product range and adjusting it to the wishes of the individual (top) athlete. This often leads to surprising products that you can use as an athlete!


Maxim actually came about by coincidence after the founder, the English cyclist Steve Jennings, rehabilitated from an accident. Steve cycled his racing bike against an open door of a trailer and ended up with a number of fractures in the hospital. During his rehabilitation process, he received a carbohydrate mix from the hospital, after which he felt very good and energetic. After his recovery, Steve decided to commercialize this unique “energy mix” for the cycling platoon.

However, this product was so pure that it was initially not suitable for commercial purposes. He came into contact with a number of scientists and together they developed a “super drink”. With this, the first Maxim product was born and Steve called it Maxim Original. Maxim became the official supplier of the British Olympic team at the games in Barcelona (1992). After the Olympics, Steve really discovered the potential of his “super drink” and made it available to all endurance athletes. Maxim became really “hot” in England.

The unique thing about Maxim Original is that it has an ideal composition of simple and complex carbohydrates and that it is neutral in its taste. Therefore, you can easily add it to other drinks and even meals to supply extra carbohydrates. Until today, the recipe has never changed, except for its change in name to “Maxim Carboloader”.

Maxim and sponsorship

Maxim has been developed for and by athletes. We are passionate about “healthy food and sports” and always strive for the best, as natural as possible! We are strongly involved in the development of health in general and the ups and downs of the athlete in particular.
We have no affinity with unnatural and/or unfair reinforcing means. We are a fan of honest food! The quality of our products is NR1. That is why the majority of Dutch top athletes use Maxim. We do not sponsor large teams, but have made the choice for the individual approach. We like to share our knowledge with the athlete and increase our brand awareness through direct contact with a personal nutritional advice. This is our way of marketing, we believe in that. Ask for the possibilities and mail us: info@maximsportvoeding.nl.