Sport and Diet

Sport and Diet

Good nutrition contributes to a healthy and fit body. If you want to look like an athlete, eat like an athlete and choose foods that suit your lifestyle. Sport and diet go hand in hand.

Eat less sugar & more protein!

You need much less sugar than you think, because your body releases glucose from other nutrients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates. An excess of sugar is stored as fat and that is not desirable. Carbohydrates are important before and during exercise in order to perform optimally. But when you are not exercising, we advise you to eat less carbohydrates and replace them with proteins! Proteins provide sufficient energy and are good for satiety, so that you are less hungry and therefore eat less. Take especially protein-rich snacks and try a Maxim 40% Protein Bar instead of a Mars, Snickers, candy, biscuit or bread. View all Maxim 40% protein bars here.

Proteins contribute to weight loss and more power

In combination with sufficient exercise, proteins have a beneficial effect on fat burning, the maintenance of muscle mass and the recovery of muscle fibers. This way you can easily lose weight and still maintain sufficient muscle mass and build power.

Sport and Diet

You need about 20 grams of protein every 2 to 3 hours for maintenance of muscle mass and other bodily functions. In practical terms, you should take protein every 2 to 3 hours or every meal should contain protein. Eat 3 main meals and 2 to 3 snacks per day. Include protein-rich foods (dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds, legumes, meat, fish) in your daily diet. Take a Maxim 40% Protein Bar as a snack. Make sure you drink enough water (at least 5 glasses a day). Eat a varied diet with fresh vegetables and fruit.

Exercise like an athlete, eat like an athlete

Good nutrition contributes to a healthy and strong body. If you exercise a lot, that is even more true. Sport and diet go hand in hand. Some tips for a good sports diet:

Choose foods that suit you

  • If you are less active, you should also eat less.
  • If you want to look like a sportsman, you should also eat like a sportsman!
  • Eat fresh seasonal products!
  • Athletes and seniors have an increased protein requirement.
  • Coach your calories. Choose quality instead of quantity! It’s not so much about the amount of calories you take in, but about the right calories. Healthy fats, for example, contain a lot of calories, but are indispensable!

Have respect for your body and listen to it

You often know very well what your body can or cannot tolerate and which food is or is not good for you. Not everyone is the same. Your hormones largely determine how combustion and storage takes place. But it applies to everyone: excess is harmful!

Look for additions

Check whether your diet provides sufficient protein and carbohydrates. When you exercise, you need extra carbohydrates and when you need to recover you need extra protein. Sport and Diet go hand in hand. Determine whether your diet provides enough essential fats, vitamins and minerals. The Health Council recommends eating oily fish at least 2 to 3 times a week to get enough omega-3. If you don’t, take extra omega-3 in the form of cod liver oil. Cod liver oil also naturally contains vitamin D.

Vitamin D

If you work or exercise a lot indoors, you get too little sunlight. You have to take extra vitamin D or go outside more often! To get the best results from your diet and sport, it is very important to coach your eating behavior. By using the right sports nutrition you can bring even more balance to your diet. The advantage of sports nutrition is that it is balanced. It contains the correct ratio of proteins and carbohydrates, almost no fat and it provides extra vitamins and minerals. Sports nutrition has been developed to supplement essential nutrients before, during and after exercise. Sufficient moisture and nutrients contribute to a good combustion (= energy) and also to the build-up and recovery of muscle tissue (= strength).

Maintain a healthy diet

  • Eat a varied and healthy diet and especially not too much
  • Little fat and not too much salt and sugar
  • 3 times a day a meal
  • 2 to 3 times a day a snack
  • Eat calmly and chew well for a good absorption
  • Eat at fixed times
  • Adjust your eating times properly to your sports moments
  • Drink enough: minimally 2 liters per day

It is important to take 3 complete meals a day. Of these, breakfast is perhaps the most important.


Start the day with a head start. A good breakfast provides the right amount and quality of carbohydrates and proteins (and little fat). To provide the starting body with extra fuels and building materials, we recommend that you take sufficient carbohydrates (oats / grains) and extra proteins (low-fat yogurt / dairy / chicken / egg). A good breakfast can consist of oatmeal or a bowl of low-fat yogurt with fresh fruit and oats or muesli. Possibly an extra piece of fruit. If you prefer bread, take wholemeal bread with lean (meat) toppings. Have a cup of tea or a glass of fruit juice with your breakfast.


A healthy lunch consists of a combination of the right carbohydrates and proteins. Have a cup of soup or salad with chicken, fish or egg. You can also choose 2 to 3 whole wheat sandwiches with egg, lean meat or fish and a piece of fruit. Drink a large cup of tea, a glass of water or a healthy fruit drink.


Eat varied (something different every day of the week) and always try to eat as fresh as possible. Take a piece of meat, fish, egg, nuts or legumes as a protein source. Rice, pasta, potato or bread provide carbohydrates and vegetables provide the right vitamins, minerals and fiber. Preferably as fresh and as colorful as possible. This is a good basis for a healthy meal. Be careful with salt and fat. As seasonings you can use as many green herbs as you like.


A piece of fruit is healthy of course, but it has a limited satiety value, which makes you hungry again quickly. A handful of unsalted and uncooked nuts is also healthy and more satiated. You can also take a small Maxim protein bar as an alternative. Drink a glass of water or tea with your snack.

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