Protein for extra power and fast recovery!

Protein is often associated with strength sports, but it is also an important nutrient for endurance athletes. Endurance athletes also have their muscles damaged and fatigued during long training sessions, competitions, tours and marathons. Dietary protein is required to repair or replace protein structures in the muscles. Furthermore, there are indications that taking carbohydrates along with protein not only replenishes the carbohydrate supply in your muscles, but also aids in the production of new protein in your muscles.

How much do you need?

You need about 20 grams of protein every 2 to 3 hours for maintenance of your muscle mass and other physical functions. In practical terms, you should take protein every 2 to 3 hours or every meal should contain protein. Because a high dose of protein is often difficult to digest during exercise, we recommend taking a protein-rich product, such as a Maxim Protein Bar, 1 hour before the start. These products have the ideal dosage of 20 grams of protein and contain the correct amino acid profile for optimal absorption of the proteins by the body. In this way, you postpone the breakdown of tissue during exercise and support recovery. This way you can build up extra capital.

After the exercise

After vigorous exercise, the energy stock in your muscles is considerably reduced. To replenish your energy supply, it is important to use carbohydrates immediately after exercise. When you combine carbohydrates with protein, the absorption in your muscles is accelerated. Not only does protein accelerate carbohydrate absorption, but it also supports glycogen recovery.

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