What is the best kind of sports nutrition: Bananas or Energy Bars?

What is the best kind of sports nutrition: Bananas or Energy Bars?

Thu 3 June 2021 by Lianne Van den Bosch

What should you eat before mountain biking, cycling or running? For many athletes, good nutrition contributes to a good performance. It is important to plan your meals for before and during exercise well! How do you make sure to start well energized? You won’t make it with just a banana. What is the difference between a banana and an energy bar?

5 tips on what to eat before and during cycling or running

  1. Make sure you eat enough carbohydrates beforehand, so the energy stock in your body is as high as possible. But don’t eat too much either!
  2. Eat a light high-carb meal well before the start (2-3 hours) of your training. Try to follow a well-balanced diet and do not eat to much fat or fibers.
  3. Take a Maxim Energy Bar half an hour before the start, so you only have to supplement your energy stock while cycling or running.
  4. Try to vary what you eat during exercise. Bananas and sports bars are ideal energy sources.
  5. Make sure to eat something every hour during exercise. And above all, make sure to drink enough! Drink at least 500-750 mL of Maxim Sports Drink per hour. Water alone will not be enough, because, in addition to fluids and carbohydrates, you also need electrolytes such as magnesium, potassium and sodium!

Start your training well energized

The five tips above will help you to start your training fully energized. After that, all you have to do is supplement. For cyclists, mountain bikers and runners, supplementing enough energy during exercise is essential for better performance and endurance. A banana is fine, but you won’t make it on just a banana. What’s the difference between a banana and an energy bar?

The 5 big advantages of an Energy Bar

Read more about the advantages of using sports nutrition for cyclists, mountain bikers and runners.

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Long training or tour: sports nutrition plan for endurance athletes

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