Cold weather: how do I support my immune system?

Cold weather: how do I support my immune system?

Thu 15 October 2020 by Lianne Van den Bosch

We are in the middle of autumn and it is nice and fresh and wet again, in short, snotty weather. If you want to stay fit this season, you have to work with your immunity. Healthy eating, exercise and the outdoors are important for a healthy immune system. But Möller’s Omega-3 also gives your immune system an extra boost. It is not for nothing The Golden Drop!

The top 3 resistance boosters:

Vitamin C (citrus fruits and green vegetables)
Vitamin D (fatty fish)
Omega-3 (fatty fish and fish oil)

How do you prevent a snot nose?

The days are getting shorter, we spend less time in the fresh air outside and “catch” less sunlight. Partly because of this, the immune system becomes weaker and the resistance decreases. You are more susceptible, so watch your personal hygiene and keep your distance from other snotter bells. It is important to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to provide the right immunity vitamins such as vitamin C. In addition, the lack of sunlight in particular causes a shortage of another important immunity vitamin: vitamin D. So keep your vitamin D level up to standard ! Eat fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, herring) more often or take a vitamin D supplement to make up for these deficiencies. Preferably a natural supplement, such as Möller’s Omega-3. Rich in natural vitamin D, but also in the other important resistance vitamin A and healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 for Overall Health!

Omega-3s are also essential for good health. They are important parts of every cell in the body, it keeps the cells flexible. In case of inflammation or infection, omega-3 fatty acids come in handy, because they have an anti-inflammatory effect. With a cold, such as a snot nose, there is also an inflammation: a mucous membrane inflammation. The mucous membrane in the nose and throat swells and a lot of mucus (snot) is subsequently produced. This inflammation arises in response to a virus. Your body (immune system) has to work hard to get rid of the inflammation. Omega-3 can play a major role here by counteracting inflammation.

The Golden Drop in the green bottle

Möller’s omega-3 is of pure Norwegian quality and contributes to improving your immune system. It contains three important components that support your immune system with one tablespoon a day. Namely: vitamin D, vitamin A and omega-3. For that extra immune boost!

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