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Sports Nutrition Package Mountain Biking


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This sports nutrition package contains everything a mountain biker needs before, during and after a training session. A complete mountain biking package with Maxim sports drink, a water bottle, energy bars, energy gels, energy gel drinks and protein bars.


Sports nutrition for mountain bikers

Using the right kind of sports nutrition is very important for mountain bikers. Sports nutrition mainly consists of carbohydrates and protein, which are both important in order to perform well. Using sports nutrition is a good way for mountain bikers to keep their fluid and energy balances in order. In addition to fluids, it is also important to replenish your energy in time and avoid getting hungry. The Maxim Sports Nutrition Package Mountain Biking contains everything a mountain biker needs.

Complete sports nutrition package for mountain biking

The Sports Nutrition Package Mountain Biking is an extensive sports nutrition package for mountain bikers. The package includes the Maxim Sports Drink, a hypotonic sports drink that contains the necessary carbohydrates and electrolytes. Drinking enough (and the right thing) is important for the absorption and combustion of carbohydrates, for dissipation of heat and for the removal of waste products. Electrolytes support a good fluid balance and proper muscle function. A hypotonic drink is less sweet and contains more electrolytes than an isotonic sports drink, is easily absorbed into the body and is easy on the stomach. The mountain biking package also includes our tasty Maxim Energy bars and various types of Maxim Energy Gel Drinks and Energy Gels. Take a Maxim Energy Bar just before starting your mountain biking session to quickly raise your energy levels. During the session, you can take 1 Maxim Energy Gel or 2 Maxim Energy Gel Drinks per hour, in addition to the Maxim Sports Drink (500 mL per hour). This is an ideal combination that provides the optimal amount of carbohydrates that your body can absorb per hour. Your body will have a hard time processing any more carbohydrates than this. After mountain biking, use Maxim Total Hydration or Maxim Sports Drink to rehydrate and eat a Maxim Protein Bar for a good recovery. The Maxim Total Hydration tubes are perfect to carry with you in your back pocket, so you can always transform your water bottle into sports drink on the go.

You can find our nutritional advice for mountain bikers here.

What is included in the Maxim Sports Nutrition Package Mountain Biking?

  • 1 tin of Sports Drink (480 grams)
  • 1 Maxim bottle (500 mL)
  • 1 tube of Total Hydration
  • 5 Energy Bars
  • 5 Energy Gels (100 grams)
  • 5 Energy Gel Drinks
  • 2 Protein 40% Bars

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